Big Ideas

There are no shortage of ideas with the potential to improve lives and strengthen communities but making them happen is hard. 


From Idea to Reality

When leaders and teams are ready to turn their biggest ideas into reality, they engage Outside Angle for help executing them from start to finish. In these unique projects with ambitious goals, we work shoulder to shoulder with the leadership team, adding expertise, capacity, methodology, and tools to navigate complex change. We not only help build ironclad strategy; we also help to implement and refine it for long-term success.

Supporting Big Ideas

1. Feasibility Analysis

The first step is to sharpen the idea and test its feasibility. We complete significant diligence to help clarify the "why" behind the idea, uncover facts and assumptions, and identify how the idea is most likely to succeed in the broader landscape. This step often leads to a clarified, refined vision that everyone can agree upon.

2. Modeling & Design

If evidence demonstrates that a big idea is feasible, we help develop a vision for the process that will connect the current reality to the future vision. We listen carefully to stakeholders to develop the design, articulating the features that set the idea apart as a unique offering in the world.

3. Change Strategy

As the design is developed, we build out a unique path to bring the idea to life and begin to take action in order to test and refine the hypothesis. We create, socialize, and iterate on a detailed and realistic action plan anchored by key milestones.

4. Change Implementation

We work hand in hand with our clients to implement the change strategy and action plan in a way that empowers them to take the lead while providing constant support, capacity, and thought partnership.

team working through big ideas

Make Your Big Ideas a Reality.

The status quo can be powerful and the red carpet isn’t rolled out waiting for your special contribution. But with clear vision, persistent and strategic process, positive relationships, and courageous problem solving, incredible things are possible. If you have the resilience to lead a true quest, Outside Angle can be your guide and carry the load with you.

Big Idea Case Studies

Creating a Transformative Community

Learn how we helped the DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation take their social impact strategy to the next level with an authentic and lasting school partnership.

Expanding Impact & Influence

Downtown Boxing Gym looked to expand their impact beyond Detroit. They engaged Outside Angle to distill their story and help them scale the model program.


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