Leadership Insights

Author: Sarah Silverman
Whether leading change or leading through change, every organization is filled with people whose responsibilities include not simply getting work done, but getting work
The Bottom of the Change Curve The world has changed a lot since we started Outside Angle in 2020. Just as we launched, the
Sometimes the work we need to do gets put off by the work we think we should be doing. We think we should be
Have you ever wondered if your company is really optimized to deliver the best possible results? Maybe you know that some things could be
In teaching, we often distinguish between skill and will. If a student isn’t achieving, we try to diagnose whether it’s a matter of skill,
Even as we intuitively recognize otherwise, many of us still hold outmoded ideas of what leaders are and how they should operate. We think
Change leadership is one of the most critical skills that anyone can develop in today’s work and market environment. So what is it? Change
It seems that everyone recognizes the pivotal role of leaders in setting the culture. Some believe that organizations begin as a reflection of their
Introduction All change efforts begin with the recognition that something just isn’t working. Sometimes the solution is clear, but often people can only agree
Americans’ attitudes toward war are especially raw right now. When I turned 40 last week, I considered that America has been at war, the