Aligning & Performing As An Executive Team

A Team Performance Case Study

Leading Together Through Change

Outside Angle partnered with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to help the executive team align and perform together to achieve ambitious priorities set forth by the Board of Governors.

The Challenge

California Community Colleges is the largest higher education system in the country, serving 2.1 million students across 116 colleges. Guided by a grand vision for modernizing the system and supporting student success, the Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO) faced enormous operational challenges.

Our Response

For more than a year, Outside Angle helped CCCCO leadership align and perform as a team. As part of this expansive partnership, we helped the executive team align and realign through leadership transitions and rapidly changing strategic priorities. We facilitated regular team alignment sessions, created tools and templates to assist with internal communications and change management, and provided targeted coaching in high-impact areas. Further, Outside Angle helped this team tend to the people side of change by surfacing and addressing tensions, building and repairing trusting relationships, and codifying the culture they aspire to create.

Where They Are Now

The complexity and magnitude of change that CCCCO must lead through is still enormous. However, today the executive team is better aligned and prepared to direct resources and collaborate effectively across priorities.


"Outside Angle has helped us through some of the most difficult conversations and decisions we've made as a leadership team. As a team and as individuals, we have grown so much as a result of our work together. Outside Angle has been a steady, proactive, and supportive partner who helps our team recenter and come together—which ultimately benefits our ability as a system to help all students succeed in reaching their goals."
Dr. Daisy Gonzales
Deputy Chancellor, California Community Colleges