Optimizing Team Alignment & Performance

Outside Angle helped Zoobean, a growing EdTech start-up, retain employees and build morale and culture while doubling the company’s size, tripling revenue, and permanently transitioning to remote work. 

The Challenge

During a period of rapid growth, Zoobean needed to grow their team, mature their internal systems, and scale the positive culture that had been core to their success. They needed to do all of this while also responding to a new volume of business and the increasing complexity of day-to-day demands.

Our Response

Outside Angle was engaged to help optimize Zoobean’s team alignment and performance. Working with their team, we put in place an ongoing annual cycle that keeps the team inspired, connected, and aligned. It includes positive cultural touchstones, lightweight systems for employee feedback and performance management, and a simple impact framework that enables progress monitoring. Semi-annual team retreats anchor this cycle, creating space for the team to learn together, take stock of progress, and deepen and repair


Where They Are Now

Zoobean is thriving as a growing organization. Company pride and belonging have increased— today 100% of team members report being proud to tell others that they are part of the company—and employee relationships have remained positive through challenging change. The feedback and performance cycle actively contributes to the team’s positive culture, alignment, and performance.


"Outside Angle is a trusted partner who is involved in multiple aspects of our business. They are a well- rounded group, bringing flexibility, humor, detail orientation, and strategic vision to our shared projects. They do a great deal of the heavy lifting on these projects, and add value at every turn. We love working with the Outside Angle team!"
Jordan Bookey
Co-Founder and Chief Client Success Officer, Zoobean