Managing An Action-Oriented Change Process

Clarifying the Path to Sustained Growth

Outside Angle worked shoulder to shoulder with WPS, an education non-profit, to help their team pivot into a whole new strategic vision that is already impacting students and families in a positive way.

The Challenge

Early in 2022, WPS leadership determined a need to craft a new strategic direction for the organization—one that would align with their humanistic values, enable disruptive change in education, and evolve with them in the years to come.

Our Response

Outside Angle was engaged to facilitate a a six-month design process to help WPS determine a new and impactful strategy. An initial phase of diligence surfaced assets, potential constraints, and unique values. Together we then developed a set of possible theories of action before narrowing in on a path forward. 

Throughout, Outside Angle created the structures and tools to allow the team to build forward momentum and get to action. Our project management leveraged the capabilities of the entire team to activate the strategy while it was being developed and achieve high levels of strategic buy-in from key stakeholders.

Where They Are Now

By the end of the project, WPS had not only defined their strategic vision but had stood up a pilot program in partnership with Salem Public Schools. The program is already benefitting students and families, and is providing a learning environment for shaping the path to broader scale and impact.


"Every conversation and design session with Outside Angle was generative and helped to move us further toward our goals. Working with Outside Angle has not been the typical consultant experience. Instead, it has felt like a genuine partnership, with their team not only guiding us but working right along side us to establish a new vision and strategy for impact. We are grateful for their support, especially during such a time of transition for our organization."
Laura Tavares
Executive Director, WPS Institute