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Big ideas are inherently exciting. They offer a new way of thinking of an old problem, a more elegant solution to a persistent challenge,
Everyone seems to know that the reason some ideas fail while others succeed is “implementation”—but what, specifically, makes the difference between an innovation achieving
We tackle many kinds of change projects at Outside Angle—everything from helping new start-ups grow to helping organizations pivot in the face of a

Big Ideas are ones that, by nature, are complex and whose path forward is not obvious. That doesn’t mean they can’t happen.

Instead, we see change as a constant element of the context in which all people and organizations operate. … Every individual within

The funny thing about problem-solving is that it is an inevitable responsibility in a world filled with uncertainty, but many people swing

The purpose of cultivating understanding of others peoples’ needs and aligning organizational capacity accordingly is to establish the foundation for doing hard

… Process is not about setting immutable rules or micromanaging the specific steps that every individual or team will take to move

Failing to make sure that you know the geo coordinates of your trailhead is an apt analogy for a fundamental mistake that

A clear vision is one that multiple people can see (and hear, feel, smell, and taste). A compelling vision is one that