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Whether leading change or leading through change, every organization is filled with people whose responsibilities include not simply getting work done, but getting work
Sometimes the work we need to do gets put off by the work we think we should be doing. We think we should be
Even as we intuitively recognize otherwise, many of us still hold outmoded ideas of what leaders are and how they should operate. We think
Change leadership is one of the most critical skills that anyone can develop in today’s work and market environment. So what is it? Change
A few weeks ago, a savvy business investor asked me why we created Outside Angle. I explained that while lots of really talented people
In a world of constant change, where most work environments are now of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) variety, the role of
It seems that everyone recognizes the pivotal role of leaders in setting the culture. Some believe that organizations begin as a reflection of their
Big ideas are inherently exciting. They offer a new way of thinking of an old problem, a more elegant solution to a persistent challenge,
Everyone seems to know that the reason some ideas fail while others succeed is “implementation”—but what, specifically, makes the difference between an innovation achieving
In Judaism, this time of year is an intentional end of a cycle. In this period, we reflect on the year that has passed