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Have you ever wondered if your company is really optimized to deliver the best possible results? Maybe you know that some things could be
Knowing that most new businesses fail, any founder who sets off on a new venture expects to face challenges. What comes as a surprise
In a world of constant change, where most work environments are now of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) variety, the role of
It seems that everyone recognizes the pivotal role of leaders in setting the culture. Some believe that organizations begin as a reflection of their
Introduction All change efforts begin with the recognition that something just isn’t working. Sometimes the solution is clear, but often people can only agree
How many of us have started a new job by spending an absurd amount of time filling out paperwork and “acknowledging receipt” of policies
In Judaism, this time of year is an intentional end of a cycle. In this period, we reflect on the year that has passed
We tackle many kinds of change projects at Outside Angle—everything from helping new start-ups grow to helping organizations pivot in the face of a
When the entire staff at Literacy Pittsburgh came together for their semi-annual all staff retreat, the agenda was no surprise to anyone. CEO Carey
The process of forming a new team—whether as a startup organization or as a new division or emerging program team—is more than hiring and