Manager Accelerator Webinar Series

Managers often report feeling that they don’t have the time to devote to doing all of their jobs effectively. Research by Garnter backs this up: their 2023 HR survey found that managers have an average of 51% more responsibilities than they can reasonably handle. At the same time, manager training that focuses exclusively on building skills yields almost negligible improvements to manager performance. There is a better way.

Over the last three years, we have run several cohorts of a comprehensive manager acceleration program that have helped managers level up by combining skills work with opportunities to connect with other managers and work on real challenges together. Now we’re bringing the lessons from those cohorts to the general public through an abbreviated 6-month learning series that provides real development with less time and cost so that managers can choose to invest in themselves, and leaders can afford to help their managers grow without overwhelming their professional development budgets. 

Give Us Six Hours

We have consolidated our most essential lessons into six one-hour sessions that will help create immediate lift for managers. The following schedule summarizes the focus areas for each session coming up in the Spring/Summer 2024 series.

Make Real Progress on the Management Journey

Outside Angle’s Fundamentals of Management Framework distills the work that managers need to do best into five specific skill sets that guide all of our manager development work. These five skills are critical to effective management and build upon one another. They are also infinite opportunities for continued learning and growth. We have developed this webinar series as an introduction to the framework’s key skills and an opportunity to make immediate progress. 

This initial learning series will provide opportunities to evaluate the current state of each manager’s skills, connect with other managers who are on their own journeys, and hone capacity by working through real challenges together. 

Registration and Fees

Pre-register today to be the first to get access to the series. Fees are $549 per participant. Those for those who register by March 31, 2024 will receive a discounted rate of $499. Group discounts are also available for groups of three or more managers.