Organizational Health Assessment

Have you ever wondered if your company is really optimized to deliver the best possible results? Maybe you know that some things could be better, but you’re not sure how much they matter or how you’d prioritize improvements. Perhaps you know that something is absolutely broken, but you’re not sure how to fix it.

Top global consulting firms have long recognized that some fundamental factors play a huge role in organizational performance over time, and several have developed their own metrics accordingly. As Chris Zook and James Allen note in their book, Founders’ Mentality, “94% of barriers [to growth] are now internal.” Internal! What’s getting in the way of your success as a company or organization? Internal problems!

Our Approach to Organizational Improvement

At Outside Angle, we are committed to building on the great work of others while also making key tools as broadly available as possible. We also believe that the best strategies are the ones that work, and we relentlessly pursue parsimony in our tools and strategies.

During our time in practice supporting organizations of all stripes, we’ve discovered a few domains that are the epicenter of the vast majority of internal barriers to organizational health and performance. There are five, and they are: vision clarity and consistency; process effectiveness; healthy relationships; people-first management; and sustainable performance and impact.

Five Domains of Organizational Health and Performance

Organizational Health Assessment

Based upon our experience serving leaders and teams across sectors, we’ve developed a lightweight assessment that can help leaders of any organization better understand where their biggest challenges may be emerging and focus their energy on the highest leverage improvement strategies.

We know that many organizations lack the resources to delve into a comprehensive and intensive analysis. Therefore, we have focused our approach on maximizing actionable data while minimizing the time and resource drag on the organization. Our approach:

  • Incorporates a brief survey of key stakeholders, interviews with leaders and key staff, and a light diligence review that we’ve refined to require less than 10 hours of time from the organization being assessed;
  • Yields an immediately actionable report so there is no searching around for the implications of the findings; and
  • Establishes a baseline that leaders can take action on, either on their own or with additional consulting support.

Outside Angle’s goal is to provide this assessment as often as possible to help as many companies and organizations as possible. Some may choose to work with us for further organizational support, but all will walk away with a valuable tool to guide whatever action they take next.

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