Vermont Avenue Pole Warming Party

We need to find reasons for joy and ways of building community in these times. That is why my neighbors and I celebrated our new telephone pole this weekend with a Pole Warming Party. Everyone had a great time, and I will never look at telephone poles the same way again.

The power company took out the old pole and installed the new one a few weeks ago. This is something that happens once, maybe twice in a lifetime (if you are lucky). An event worth celebrating!

First, we made flyers and passed them out to neighbors. The event was originally scheduled for April 24, but we had to move it due to inclement weather. Flexibility is good in these kinds of situations.

The party started with 30 minutes of pole decorating. People had some creative ideas that included tacking wishes to the pole and drawing happy faces, sunflowers, dandelions, ornaments, and more. It looks great.

Then we had a short program featuring remarks about the pole. This included both prepared and spontaneous comments. Our 90-year old neighbor Rich (pictured) promised to perch himself on a platform on the pole in protest if the city or power company ever tries to remove it to bury the power lines. Can you believe he is 90!? He said it was his first pole warming party ever! One neighbor read this Carl Sandburg poem (pole-um?) called Under a Telephone Pole.

Then we had some pole-ka dancing. This included a short lesson on how to pole-ka which we learned from YouTube earlier that morning, and a couple of songs for trying it out. 

Next, we had a Pole-clamation of May 1 as Telephone Pole Appreciation Day (#TPAD) on our street. This included a champagne toast.

Finally, we closed with a raffle that included a large box of single ply toilet paper and one of those large bottles of water that fits into a water cooler type of dispenser. We don’t have one but I hope the winner (our neighbor Dave) does! Overall, it was a great experience. See you at TPAD 2022! #TPAD #telephonepoleappreciationday #polewarming

Did you know that there are about 180 million utility poles in the US? If you are a TPAD member that is 180 million reasons to celebrate.