The Missing Link: Vision for Process In Ambitious Change Efforts

Introduction All change efforts begin with the recognition that something just isn’t working. Sometimes the solution is clear, but often people can only agree on the pain being caused by the problem. How the problem is solved often depends on the skills of the leader. Vision vs. Process Leaders who are particularly strong at developing …

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Assessing Your Strengths as a Change Leader

Great change leaders balance skills across four domains: Vision, Process, Relationships, and Problem Solving. It’s the well-rounded change leader who is best able to navigate constant change. While it’s common for some leaders to have areas of relative strength, focusing too heavily into one or two of these domains often means the others atrophy and …

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How to Make Your Big Ideas Happen

Big Ideas are ones that, by nature, are complex and whose path forward is not obvious. That doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Indeed, Big Ideas regularly do make it beyond the aspiration stage, and that occurs when they are first broken down into the processes and systems required to make them happen.

What Does Outside Angle Actually Do? 

We work with organizations, innovators, and entrepreneurs changing the world. We help them take big, high-impact ideas from start to finish, build the organizational culture and alignment necessary to enjoy the journey, and lift up their capacity and the capacity of their teams to lead and thrive in their most vulnerable moments.

The Well-rounded Change Leader

The leaders most likely to avoid this fate are the most well-rounded ones. They are not the 10 out of 10 visionaries; they are the 7 out of 10 visionaries who are also 7 out of 10 in process, and in relationships, and in problem solving. But this is an unnatural profile—one that requires not only improving in our weak spots, but also often demands that we calibrate against some of our own natural strengths.

Part I: A Clear and Compelling Vision

A clear vision is one that multiple people can see (and hear, feel, smell, and taste). A compelling vision is one that inspires people to work together and do something differently to bring that vision to fruition. Sounds awesome. So why not write down that vision so everyone can see it and then make that your vision statement?