What Does Outside Angle Actually Do? 

People have been asking us a lot lately about what it is that we actually do to help leaders. In this post, we answer our most frequently asked questions. We hope this helps—and that you’ll reach out or share this with people you think would benefit from our work. We’re currently interviewing potential new clients for early 2022. 

Who are our clients?

Our clients are leaders tackling a big transformational change effort with a positive social impact. They are entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizational leaders who believe in big possibilities. If that’s you, it could mean you’re starting something new, scaling something that’s working, driving a major initiative through a large organization, or pivoting to pursue a new vision. You could be leading a for-profit, nonprofit or public sector organization in almost any sector. Regardless, you believe the old ways of thinking about organizational culture and change management are outdated and broken, and you want to lead an effort that respects people as human beings and brings them together to achieve something new and better.

What do our clients need?

Our clients need help with a) change management, b) organizational culture and team performance, or c) implementation support to take a big idea from start to finish in a complex environment. If that’s you, you probably wonder whether the traditional ways of thinking about change management and organizational design are part of the problem instead of part of the solution. You need a fresh, modern approach, and one that can work even in a hybrid or fully virtual environment. 

Who are the people at Outside Angle?

We are a small team of down-to-earth people who believe positive change is possible. We are having fun disrupting traditional approaches to change management, organizational culture and team alignment, and performance management, and pursuing big ideas with the potential to increase equity and create social good. We are developing a whole new approach to change management, and fresh new ways of supporting change leaders and teams in their most vulnerable moments. 

What does Outside Angle do? 

We work with organizations, innovators, and entrepreneurs changing the world. We help them take big, high-impact ideas from start to finish, build the organizational culture and alignment necessary to enjoy the journey, and lift up their capacity and the capacity of their teams to lead and thrive in their most vulnerable moments.

Who do we work with now? 

We support a portfolio of inspiring organizations making sh*t happen. Examples include an education technology company scaling a platform that helps people read more and read together, a corporate philanthropy building out a long-term private-public partnership, a nonprofit scaling its impact to new communities, and a community college system shifting its culture and design to get better results for students. 

What do we believe? 

We believe in the power of perceiving positive possibilities. We believe in progress over planning, humility over expertise, and integrity over profit. We believe the complexity of today’s world demands a new kind of leadership that emphasizes culture building and creativity, and views change as a constant reality in which we are built to thrive. We believe entire systems have been created just to avoid hard conversations between people, and that every meaningful effort requires a balanced mix of vision, process, relationships, and problem-solving to succeed, evolve, and sustain. We are deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion as both a means and an end.

Are we taking on new clients? 

Yes. We are interviewing new clients with the potential to start up to two new engagements in early 2022. Contact Sarah to set up a conversation: sarah@outsideangle.com.