Outside Angle - Change Leadership Playbook Cover

What to Know About the Change Leader’s Playbook

Whether leading change or leading through change, every organization is filled with people whose responsibilities include not simply getting work done, but getting work done through periods of intense change.

Outside Angle’s core mission is to help people in these roles to find the tools, develop the skills, and hone the expertise to navigate their leadership roles effectively. We believe that effective leadership is like muscle — with practice through progressive challenges, it strengthens organizations and helps them thrive in change.

Over the last few years, we’ve shared our core framework for change leadership both with our clients and with anyone dedicated to effective leadership through our blog posts and presentations. We’re excited to launch several new tools that support anyone interested in or responsible for leading change—whether as a CEO or as a manager or as a team member—to help make what we do broadly accessible.

The first of these tools is our ebook, The Change Leader’s Playbook: Four Simple Ingredients to Change Anything. For the first time, we’ve pulled together all of our competency-based resources for change leadership into one place to make it easily accessible—and free—to anyone.

Our Change Leadership Framework, which encompasses vision, process, relationships, and problem-solving, has broad application to leaders themselves as well as change leadership efforts and to healthy organizational practice.

For leaders, the framework helps people to identify the domains where they tend to gravitate and develop strategies for creating balance among their leadership teams to help keep change efforts on track over time.

change leadership framework - outside angle

For organizations undertaking a specific change effort, the framework helps ensure that all key ingredients are in place to support the effort’s success—and diagnose the possible reasons why an effort might be stalled or failing to deliver impact.

For ongoing healthy operations, the framework helps maintain a balanced focus on maintaining the infrastructure of an organization and its team even as change—including massive transformation—may shift the work in general, individuals’ roles, or the structure of the organization to support its future success.

Taken together, the guide offers numerous applications for a variety of change scenarios in Outside Angle’s customary simple and succinct style. So whether you are an seasoned change expert or a leader new to change, the Playbook has something for you.

Download your copy here and share your feedback with us directly or on our social media channels below.