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Outside Angle’s manager development webinar series is being offered on a six-month cadence that will cover foundational management skills, provide opportunities to connect with other managers, and offer some application practice to help make sure that learning translates to meaningful action. The series will kick off on Monday April 15th at 2 pm ET and continue on the second or third Monday of each month through October 2024.

Your managers make your business work. We can help you help them.

Next Level Leaders–those whose responsibility is translating the vision and strategy of the organization into reality–are the people who reinforce organizational culture and drive success. They are the people who make the difference between whether your talent is loyal or turnover rates are high. 

These next-level leaders drive the difference between organizations that use resources efficiently, and those that fail to deliver results. Today, they are being asked to do more than ever. Outside Angle can help you develop managers who are not only effective in their roles, but thrive in them with our Manager Accelerator experience.

Manager Acceleration Services

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Manager Accelerator eCourse and Community

For managers or groups seeking autonomy, Outside Angle provides online courses and a supportive community of other managers. This eCourse and Community option aids both novice and seasoned managers in refining essential skills such as trust-building, delegation, coaching, handling difficult conversations, and advocacy. Participants access video tutorials, self-assessment tools, and guidance for implementing learning, fostering a personal improvement journey. The subscription-based eCourse includes six months of unlimited access to all of our Manager Accelerator resources. One-on-one coaching is also available for interested managers and leaders.

Manager Accelerator Cohort Experience

Each strand includes the three elements designed to translate theory into immediate practice. Managers can expect to see immediate opportunities and support for improvement and growth. All three elements integrate to serve as the backbone for monthly cohort conversations and activities as well as 1:1 coaching support for every member of the Manager Acceleration experience.

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The Fundamentals of Management

Cohort-Based Accelerator

For organizations with large next-level leadership teams (10+ managers):

The three strands below are designed to translate theory into immediate practice for instant growth opportunities and support. These elements serve as the backbone for monthly cohort discussions, activities, and 1:1 coaching for each member of the program.


The Connections strand prioritizes fostering relationships among peer managers, regardless of their management or organizational background. It cultivates trust, enhances upward management skills, and offers a blueprint for building effective teams. This strand forms the basis of all learning, implemented through cohort activities and is reinforced with individual coaching.


Core management competencies help managers in establishing a shared language, managing their energy effectively, and demonstrating emotional leadership to their teams. Our five core competencies include Trust & Confidence, Delegation, Coaching & Development, Hard Conversations, and Advocacy. Each competency is translated into actionable scenarios and extensively practiced with peers. See the graphic above for a summary of the key skills Outside Angle helps managers develop.


Without active application, connections and skills hold little value. Our third strand empowers managers through real-time implementation, addressing the actual challenges they encounter. It hones action prioritization, fosters new critical behaviors, and establishes personal systems for ongoing improvement. Cohort members can evaluate challenges and work collaboratively with peers to apply their newfound competencies in addressing them.

Accelerator Experience Timeline

The Manager Accelerator is designed to support managers as they continue to operate at full capacity as managers. To that end, the experience takes place over the course of a full year, and provides multiple opportunities for managers to practice implementation and work through problems of practice.

Key Outcomes

Managers who participate in Outside Angle’s Manager Accelerator experience will build competence, confidence, and experience. 

Managerial Unity

To develop deepened connections with one another, build a shared understanding of their roles and responsibilities, in addition to their common challenges and opportunities as managers within the organization

Crafting Skills Into Action

To build a common language for essential skills, as well as a shared understanding for how those skills are translated into action–and made meaningful (through practice) implementation

Enhancing Culture and Productivity

To see progress where barriers presently exist and impede culture, relationships, productivity, delivery, and organizational effectiveness

Mastering Management Strategies

To practice effective strategies for high-quality management and hone skills that apply in management functions and beyond

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Enhance managerial effectiveness through our Manager Accelerator solutions which include eCourses, Personalized Coaching, and Cohort trainings. With Outside Angle, you’ll drive growth, deepen connections, and overcome some of the business barriers to success today!

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