Our Approach to
Implementing Change

Our Approach

Organizations win when they accept change as inevitable, and learn to harness its potential to drive forward progress. They become capable of performing even better together through challenges, turning failures into lessons and new opportunities, and seeing big, bold ideas to fruition.

Our clients benefit from our expert leadership and our universal toolkit for leading change whether they are starting a new idea from scratch, transitioning from one reality to another, or strengthening the capacity of their leadership or management teams.

Universal Framework for Change Leadership™

All change efforts require the same ingredients to succeed. 



Effective change leaders create a clear and detailed vision for the future. They make that vision concrete so their stakeholders can see themselves in it while inspiring ownership and action.


Effective change leaders map out and manage an effective process for getting to this future vision. The process aligns resources and capacity to make actionable change.


Effective change leaders develop strategic relationships that create a coalition of support around the change, one that is durable and there when the going gets tough.


Effective change leaders break down and solve the problems that inevitably arise along the way, even when there is a clear vision, effective process, and strong, positive relationships. 

How We See Success & Sustainability

Outside Angle helps teams streamline goal setting and progress monitoring in dynamic environments where expectations of linear progress can set up the wrong relationship with change. Teams across industries and sectors are using our Success and Sustainability Framework to assess progress and tell their story of success.

Culture is key, and it's contextual.

There isn’t one right culture, but there are wrong cultures—and they’re almost always characterized by a lack of trust, avoidance of hard conversations, and inadequate communication and transparency. We help organizations create a culture where people want to give their best. We do this by helping managers at all levels more confidently lead with humility, honesty, and authenticity.

People First, Always

Are your team relationships strong enough to weather change?

Change leadership is about people. To succeed, teams have to know—and trust—one another well enough to be able to talk openly about progress, motivate and inspire action, and overcome challenges, together.

We believe that building positive relationships is an essential part of any change effort, and it is work that directly translates into better outcomes. 

In every one of our engagements, we make it a priority to help teams connect and deepen relationships in ways that make the work more enjoyable, effective, and impactful.

Through a mix of facilitation and coaching, we develop relational trust between team members, as well as self-trust in the leaders we support.

We Set Up Change Cycles to Achieve Progress

Across all types of change projects, we apply purposeful change cycles to create clear periods for taking action punctuated by planned moments for reflection and planning. 


Our approach creates essential rhythm and structure for the complex and dynamic work that our clients are undertaking. 


Each cycle creates urgency, focuses action on doing “the next right thing,” boosts morale, and provides the pause points necessary to reflect, learn, and recognize progress.


Key Features of Our Change Cycles

Defined by a timeframe with a clear start point and end point of the work

Shared commitment to a specific set of priorities, activities, and deliverables

Anchored by moments to reflect on progress, adjust course, and make decisions

We Believe In Navigational Leadership

The best change leaders have plans, but hold them lightly. They keep moving instead of getting stuck in cycles of planning. They exhibit tremendous fortitude, but also are able to laugh at themselves and find moments of wonder and humor in their predicament. They have a vision for the future, and are disciplined about developing hypotheses, taking action, pausing to evaluate progress, and adjusting course to reach the destination. This is navigational leadership.

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