Team Performance

Change puts pressure on teams. Without intentional systems and practices in place, communication breaks down, wires get crossed, trust becomes strained, and performance falters.


Helping Teams Meet Their Potential

Outside Angle helps teams form and perform together through challenging change. Our expert cadre of team performance coaches and seasoned change leaders help at every stage of an organization’s life cycle. Our engagements combine technical expertise and deliverable creation with team development and facilitation to help teams Form, Align, Perform and Grow. As a result, we help clients build positive and productive cultures that attract and retain talent, make doing hard things more sustainable, and achieve big, positive impact in the world.





Team Performance Services

We Help New Teams Build Momentum

Are you building a new team? A new company? We have an approach to team formation that will help your team quickly build trust and relationships, make the most of the team formation period, and establish and codify a culture aligned to your context. 

We Help Teams Get Aligned, and Stay That Way

When change is happening, it can be hard to keep everybody on the same page. Goal setting can get messy, priorities can become unclear, and communication can fall apart. We help organizations proactively create durable, lightweight cycles for progress monitoring and communication that keep their teams aligned, and help them embed change management as a constant and seamless part of their business processes. 

We Boost and Manage Team Performance

Today’s performance management systems were designed for an era in which goal setting was more straightforward and processes more linear. Such systems establish the wrong relationship with change by assuming that the state of the world when the goal is set will be the same state in which the goal is accomplished. To better serve the needs of today’s workplace, we help improve team performance by building and implementing lightweight performance management processes focused on honest feedback and multi-directional communication to help employees focus, grow, and succeed together in modern, dynamic work environments. 

We Help Managers and Leaders Level Up

More and more organizations are asking their managers not only to manage processes and people, but also to manage change. Yet few managers are prepared for this challenge—or even view themselves as change leaders. We help managers level up as individuals and as a cohort, and reframe their view of their roles to fit this broader context. This is key to unlocking the latent capacity in your organization. 

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We Help Create Cultures That Win

All of the work we do to help teams Form, Align, Perform, and Grow aims at a higher purpose: creating cultures designed for change. 

In these high-trust, high-communication environments, learning and evolving is expected, and change is an ally not an adversary. 

These are the organizations that succeed in the modern world, and that will have an enduring impact for decades to come. 

Team Performance Case Studies

Aligning & Performing As An Executive Team

Outside Angle’s partnership with the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office has helped the executive team align and perform together to achieve their ambitious priorities.

Scaling Team Culture & Performance

We helped Zoobean, a growing EdTech start-up, retain employees and build morale and culture while doubling the company’s size, tripling revenue, and permanently transitioning to remote work. 

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