Meet Our Team


Sarah Silverman

Sarah is playing the infinite game. Her life’s work is to help people discover that it’s not the knowing that counts, but the courage to show up and make a contribution. She believes that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional, and that every human being is valuable, capable, and worthy. She is a Co-Founder of Outside Angle, a parent and partner, and both an armchair and real-life psychologist.


Sam Franklin

Sam is a great person to have on your team – unless it’s for trivia. He makes up for his ignorance about pop culture with his ability to bring people together to make positive change happen. He’s also driven to create: from new schools and ventures to poems, rhymes and comedy – anything that improves peoples’ lives through learning, laughter, and love. He is a parent, a planner, and a Co-Founder of Outside Angle.


Tara Tucci-Exilus

Tara’s favorite musician is whoever made the Bluey theme song. She is driven to advance equity by creating the conditions necessary for change, and helping leaders actualize the future they envision. There’s no challenge too big or too messy for Tara, who excels at leading cross-functional teams, managing complex projects, and bringing people together to make progress in even the most entrenched environments.


Katie Kozel

Katie is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt & tantric relationship coach. She is passionate about helping people enjoy all facets of their lives. Forever a beginner, she believes leadership is more about asking the right questions than having the right answers. Her secret talents are her knack for great analogies and perfectly roasting marshmallows over an open flame.


Meredith Bortz

Meredith likes to get stuff done. Her penchant for operations, communications, and project management enable her to work behind leaders pursuing big ideas and advancing equity and impact across sectors. A former COO and an experienced consultant, Meredith knows how to listen, clarify, and translate abstraction into action.


Rebecca Kozel

Rebecca is a skier, adventurer, and outdoor sports enthusiast. She challenges herself to explore the edges of her comfort zone, and is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team. She’s comfortable enabling others to shine, but make no mistake about who is getting it done behind the scenes. Rebecca keeps projects on the rails even while continuing to pursue her own passions in counseling and psychology.


Michael Spencer

Michael loves all things Hip-Hop and Philadelphia sports. Beyond that, he has a passion for Sociology which led him to community organizing. Michael believes that building communities of support is a vital way to create systemic change. He is excited to work on new projects and continue to learn new skills.


Gamal Walker

Gamal’s first career on Wall Street, second career as an advisor and strategist, and parallel careers as a dad and a student of change have provided a unique perspective. No wonder his questions tend to get right to the heart of the issue, and his ability to synthesize strategic challenges stands out in a crowd. Now he’s dedicated to teaching and sharing his learning with others, and helping teams move forward together.

Executive ADVISOR

Acasia Wilson Feinberg

Acasia started her career as a fifth grade teacher. Since then, she’s held senior leadership roles focused on philanthropy, policy, advocacy, and leadership development. She also serves on the governing board of multiple nonprofits. Raised in a family of musicians, Acasia loves singing folk and neo-soul, and sharing music with her family.


DDS Dobson-Smith

Thanks to life on three continents, DDS has acquired the skills to make the perfect french fry. They have also learned that it is at the intersection of holding space and creating boundaries where true leadership can flourish. DDS is a passionate facilitator, educator, and leader whose love and energy are infectious, even through Zoom.


Rumbi Mufuka, PhD

Rumbi is a Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) with ten years of consulting experience in the private and public sector. She has designed and implemented strategies for clients with Booz Allen, PwC, and Twitter. Her hobbies include storytelling, reading several books at once, and supporting people and organizations that uplift the African Diaspora.


Jacob Weinfeld

Jake directed a nonprofit and teaches yoga. But a lot of what he knows about leadership came from his experience as a public school teacher. Jake’s passionate about advancing equity and social justice by helping organizations and individuals better live their purpose. He loves to learn, and his curiosity serves clients well.

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